Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 123 - Lazy Excitement

Today I'm totally in control. And lazy. But being in control of my laziness is still an accomplishment.

O.K. so I wasn't completely lazy- I did get a bunch done in my garden and believe it or not weeding is a great activity for weight loss! I intended to swim a bit, but my garden time got kinda long. And now I'm in the middle of my snack and Yankees vs. Red Sox date with my youngest son. He made the snack, and we're watching our Bronx Bombers.

I need to go shopping, my cupboards and fridge are relatively bare (surprising coming from a snack-aholic) and I need some good healthy snack options. If you have any ideas or favorite snack suggestions leave your thoughts in the comment section below! (p.s. weigh in in T minus14 hours and counting and I'm very excited!)

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  1. I’m guessing you might already know about these 2 gifts from above but thought I’d share just in case you do not. Arctic Zero is frozen protein shake that tastes a lot like real ice cream and is only 150 calories a pint and Walden farms has an entire line of calorie free syrups, dressings, etc, etc, etc that are DELICIOUS. Check out the links below…


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