Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 157 - 5 Things That Should Be in Your Kitchen

In yesterday's post I showed you my neat little green Corningware ceramic ramekins that I used for my Upside Down, Inside Out  Eggplant Parm. I'm going to introduce you to a few things in my kitchen that are versatile, amazingly helpful and create shortcuts--all making meal time fun and less stressful.

Ziplock Zip'n Steam Bags
These microwave bags make fresh cooked veggies so easy! You can even cook chicken in them in the microwave (I've done it, and it's pretty good) and the bags come with recipe cards inside. Can't love without them now. Broccoli stays bright green after cooking!!!

Corningware  7oz. Ramekins
These are the perfect portion for anything you would usually make in a larger baking dish. Just assemble your usual recipe dividing it between the dishes. Great for French onion soup, dipping bowl for parties (salsa/queso), and little individual apple pies in the fall.
Kitchen Scale
I use mine to weigh every piece of food that enters my mouth. Far more accurate than using measuring cups and spoons, which has worked to my advantage in losing weight. Also, you can portion your food on your plate placed directly on the scale, no need to wash extra dishes used for measuring. Even works with teaspoon and tablespoon measures.
Wooden (or any) Cutting Board
I am shocked by how many people don't have a good sturdy cutting board in their kitchen. All of my food is prepared on one: safe to cut on, messes can travel to the sink rather than be wiped up on the counter and sometimes brushed onto the floor, and they save the edge of your knives. Cutting on plates or counter tops dulls the edge on your blades and does your knives a disservice.
Good Non-Stick Skillets
I use Circulon skillets, I've tried many brands and have been thrilled with this line of non-stick and oven safe pans. Mine were found at Kohls. I recommend having at least a small and a medium one. I don't go a single day without using the small one at least twice. The only reason I use oil in these? I need heart health oils daily, my pans don't :)

Make cooking and preparing food fun! I was goofing around with dinner last night and came up with something good... Can't wait to show you- tomorrow!

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