Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 169 - Pears--The Cheeky-est Fruit Around

Fall is not just time for apples, pumpkins and hayrides. Pears of many different varieties are in their glory now. D'Anjou, Bosc and Bartlett to name the most popular kids in class. Then there is always the Asian pear who brings a great new twist to the table.

I've always admired pears from a distance, though it never really struck me as a fun or indulgent fruit; more like sturdy and noble. That is until I came across a recipe in a magazine and changed my tune entirely!

A caramel anise pear terrine, with layers of pear thin as paper gently clinging to each other with a delicate caramel sauce flecked with real star anise. It was a baked pear dish that I had never even considered, but it's presentation was so unique I had to give it a try.

I will indulge you with the recipe and fresh photographs this weekend (my week has come crumbling down around me, so no baking shall be done till Friday) but in the mean time, check out my cheeky little sketch...

Get it? Cheeky? Hehehe...

These are the things that rattle around my noggin' being surrounded by food all day : )  It's not so bad.

Go enjoy the fall's bounty and grab a pear at your local market!

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