Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 162 - Another Staple In My Pantry

Welcome once again to the pantry, my trusty source for easy and quick additions and staples. Today I'd like to talk about rice. It is rather pointy (not sharp...PP for Weight Watcher's) but the whole grain nature is a positive for your heart health. Here's my favorite convenience style brown rice:

This is an easy and fool proof way to prepare a simple portion of rice in 10 minutes. I use this as a great whole grain under grilled chicken with a bit of Smoked Apple Grilling Sauce. Add a cup of the always ready Pico de Gallo and you have a well rounded meal. You can also throw in 1 tsp. of heart healthy oil like safflower if you haven't had your two servings yet today. Yum! Perhaps this will be dinner tonite...

(pardon the short post today... my beloved cat went missing last night and I spend hours searching for her outside. we found her, she smells like the pine bush she was cowering in and she's scared, but she's home.)

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