Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 149 - Pictures From My Powerless Weekend

I mentioned that I have no power--still only a generator running a few things. But I learned to be creative with the resources I had available to me with the power outage post Irene. I also promised some pictures : )

Here they are, only two but they kind of typified what we've been doing since Sunday morning.

These are my yummy Grill Eggs, my skillet is oven proof to 450 and I turned off the front burner so the handle wasn't exposed to direct flames. It worked nicely. Scrambled with some melted cheese.

And me using the freshly deposited rain from Irene to bathe au naturale. I like to think she brought me tropical waters for my leg shaving needs, makes me feel kind of special : )  (p.s. I have running water again thanks to the ingenuity of my hubby. It's cold water, but it's running water.)

Hopefully we will be fully back into the swing of life by tomorrow afternoon. We should have pwer restored then and I will restock my icebox with my go-to foods.

For tomorrow: A second installment of fun, inspirational quotes from the Boardies over at Weight Watchers!

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