Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 158 - Thinking Outside of the Jar

Once upon a time, a 30-something princess was strolling around her palace kitchen wracking her brain about what to have for supper. She walked around and around, trying to think of something other than left overs (as she was not well accustomed to eating re-heated food). She was feeling like a bagel. But what should go with a bagel? She pondered a bit more...

She opened the portal to her trusty pantry and peered inside for inspiration--TUNA! She once had a dream that she worked in a great little Jewish bakery/deli that specialized in bagels AND they served tuna salad with them all the time. How fortunate to have had this dream! 

The 30-something princess was trying to figure out a way to make the tuna salad a bit healthier, and easier on her hips. She determined that she liked her tuna salad creamy and with some seasonings. But mayo was no longer her friend (they had a falling-out around April 3rd). So the princess called into her magical icebox and asked for a volunteer to help rescue her from her craving for the evil mayo. 

Peering out from behind a carton of orange juice was a tall and wide white container. It gazed at her unsure of itself. She reached into the icebox reassuringly and smiled at her new hero--sour cream.

Her meal was complete, and seeing as the sour cream was much friendlier than mayo, she enjoyed an extra helping. The princess and the sour cream lived happily ever after (until she ate the rest of it).

The End

(I replaced all the mayo with 3 Tbsp. sour cream. For tuna salad like this it works. Not so sure about a sandwich, though. I sliced a mini bagel 4 times and toasted it in my counter-top convection oven till they were mostly crispy. I added some paprika to the tuna, good flavor and pretty presentation. It was a successful dinner.)

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  1. I usually mix ground ancho chili powder into mine (plus a bunch of carrot, celery, and whatever other veggies I have laying around). The woman I worked for in York would mix chopped, fresh thyme into her tuna salad and that was pretty good as well, the rest of hers was not so healthy though lol. :)


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