Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 166 - Weigh In Day

Yes... I missed yesterday's post. I'm a naughty blogger. Please forgive me? Thanks : )


*Happy dance* *Happy dance* *Happy dance*

I'm officially at 201.2 lbs. and so close to Onederland I can taste it! (no pun intended) I anticipate that next week I will have made it below 200 for the first time in approximately 8 years. Pre-mommy weight here I come! I had begun to feel like I was working towards a plateau, so to ward it off I changed up some of my foods. Simple changes, but they seem to have reinvigorated my metabolism. And I ended my week with a few bite sized Snickers at the movies with my boys (Lion King 3D--highly recommend btw).

You CAN eat normally and lose weight people! You do not have to remove food groups or indulgences to take the pounds off. No need to deprive yourself.

Also this week I concentrated on getting in all of my GHGs (good health guidelines) especially regarding heart healthy oils. They really do play a key role in your over-all health and I had been slacking. Got back on track and look at what my body did!

In other Kara news... I told you that yesterday I would show you what I've been up to all week... Check it out : )

I've mentioned before that I have a special occasion cake business and this was my food muse through the past week. It was a fantasy pillow cake  in the birthday girl's colors-- fuchsia and metallic gold-- and was being served at her masquerade themed Quinceanera party. The tough thing was not snacking on all of the cake trimmings. It was red velvet. It was delish.

No matter what I do, I"m centered around food. Hobby, work, school, blogging. Life can be lived with amazing food around so long as you understand how to interact with it. I'm proof : )

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