Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 177 - Buffalo Chicken Sausage?!?!?!?! Yes Please!

I have to share my awesome find with you all!

I was perusing the meat section of my grocery store, contemplating getting some Italian sausage for my boys dinner and I saw this great colored package peeking out at me from the top refrigerated shelf...

I have had al fresco's products before, but I haven't had them since beginning to count 'points' with Weigh Watcher's so I picked up the package to do some calculating. They are only 3 PP (Points Plus) each!!! Yes, I said 3!  and they are the same size as a regular sausage, more bang for your PP buck. Wow! And Buffalo chicken flavored to boot, a taste of home : )

Add a whole wheat hotdog bun and you have the star of your dinner plate at only 6 points (by my calculations). Lot's of room to add a fresh salad and balsamic dressing on the side. Or perhaps a nice fall soup! Like the one I'll be sharing with you on Friday (Roasted Butternut Squash soup to be exact). In the meantime, consider picking up a package of al fresco all natural sausages... They're yummy.


  1. These look soooo good, I'm on the look out for good eats with low PP. Where did you find them?

  2. They were in the cooler case with the sausage at my local grocer, Hannaford. Look on the top shelf in that area, they are a premium product so they better shelf placement. Enjoy!


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